Agroforestry Network is a platform for international agroforestry practise, based in Sweden and initiated by Vi Agroforestry to promote the use of agroforestry in developing countries.

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Scaling up agroforestry – policy brief launch

Jane Nekesa, agroforestry farmer from Uganda. Photo by Vi Agroforestry.

Are you a development practitioner, policymaker or researcher engaging in sustainable agriculture, biodiversity, rural livelihoods or perhaps food security? Would you like to learn about how agroforestry as a method could be scaled up? Welcome to the launch of a new policy brief by Agroforestry Network. Date: 12 December 2022,

From participation to action: youth’s role in inclusive and sustainable food systems

Photo of and by Abubakar Balogun, Unsplash.

Hear Vi-skogen on the Sida stage at Almedalen Sunday 3 July at 16.00 CEST highlight what young farmers say about climate change. Event by SIANI, Agroforestry Network and World Food Programme. Livestreamed at More info at #SmallholderFarmers #youth #climateaction #climatejustice Photo of and by Abubakar Balogun, Unsplash.

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