Agroforestry Network is a platform for international agroforestry practise, based in Sweden and initiated by Vi Agroforestry to promote the use of agroforestry in developing countries.

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From participation to action: youth’s role in inclusive and sustainable food systems

Photo of and by Abubakar Balogun, Unsplash.

Hear Vi-skogen on the Sida stage at Almedalen Sunday 3 July at 16.00 CEST highlight what young farmers say about climate change. Event by SIANI, Agroforestry Network and World Food Programme. Livestreamed at More info at #SmallholderFarmers #youth #climateaction #climatejustice Photo of and by Abubakar Balogun, Unsplash.

Solidarity with Ukraine

Agroforestry Network and its partner organizations stand in solidarity with Ukraine. We would like to urge for peace not only for the sake of the Ukrainian people that are currently suffering, but also for the sake of potential impacts that Russia’s war on Ukraine may have on people in vulnerable

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