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Agroforestry is getting more attention and is increasingly seen as a sustainable option to many of the land management practices in developing countries. The Swedish NGO Vi Agroforestry (in Swedish: Vi-skogen) founded Agroforestry Network in order to make agroforestry more recognised among development aid stakeholders and to share knowledge with other agroforestry experts. It is a network based in Sweden for international agroforestry practice, bringing together agroforestry experts from different organisations and institutions in Sweden and abroad.

The world is facing great challenges. Climate change is a real threat that already has a huge negative impact on the most vulnerable people in the world, leaving hundreds of millions without secure livelihoods. Only by working together with sustainable solutions can we change the course of events towards a better future.

The global Sustainable Development Goals elaborate on food security, sustainable agriculture, climate change mitigation, sustainable forest management and restoration of degraded or desertified land (#2 Zero Hunger, #13 Climate Action and #15 Life on Land). Agroforestry methods can assist when fulfilling all of these goals. The method of planting trees and crops together is an efficient and effective way to: fight poverty as yields increase, mitigate climate change as trees store CO2, and fight desertification and restore degraded land.

We invite you to join us in the discussion, to make use of our knowledge and to share yours.

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