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Agroforestry Network is looking for Consultants to review the agroforestry sector

Published on May 14, 2017 | Author: Linus Karlsson
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Agroforestry Network is asking for tenders on a Desk study on agroforestry and potential communication issues. Please find the full Terms of Reference with deadline 31st May attached. Welcome to respond and/or to share widely in your networks. Excellent opportunity for consultants and researchers within this field!
The assignment consists of two parts:
1. Perform a desk study identifying and summarizing of the proven outcomes and outputs showing the efficiency and obstacles of agroforestry. This includes reviewing research and review results of implemented projects on agroforestry. The study shall result in a factual report in English from the consultant, showing the proven results, and potential and obstacles (relating both to scale, extension work, methods etc) of agroforestry.
2. Recommend communication issues including demands regarding agroforestry and sustainable agriculture that the Agroforestry Network can pursue in Sweden. The issues shall be based on well-founded facts and arguments. It shall address the obstacles of agroforestry, for example, is it included enough in development cooperation, extension work, and do the financial instruments have enough focus on agroforestry and sustainable agriculture? This part will include dialogue with the network partners and also desk study on current/future policies, and strategies and funding instruments in Swedish politics. The recommendations and facts shall be presented in Swedish.
Time plan
The assignment shall be delivered by 15 September 2017, however the number of working days is expected to be less than that.
Tender by 31st May 2017. Tenders should be sent to by latest 31 May 2017 at 5 pm.
For more information, kindly contact .
About Agroforestry Network
Vi-skogen founded Agroforestry Network to make agroforestry more known among development aid stakeholders and to share knowledge with other agroforestry experts. It is a Swedish network for international agroforestry practice, which brings together agroforestry experts, researchers and practitioners from different organisations and institutions in Sweden and abroad. The network includes an academic component and a communicative part. It involves summits and knowledge gathering with the purpose of communicating agroforestry, influencing the public opinion in Sweden and position Vi-skogen and its partners. The partners today are Vi-skogen, Focali, Siani, Stockholm Resilience Centre, SLU Global and Agroforestry Sverige.
The full ToR can be found here.
Looking forward to hear from you