Agroforestry and Migration

Published on June 29, 2019 | Author: Agroforestry Network, Agroforestry Sverige, Focali, NIRAS, SIANI, SLU Global, SwedBio & Vi-skogen

Agroforestry to support migrants and rural households!


For agroforestry to support migrants and rural households, policy- and decision-makers can contribute by making agroforestry visible and promoting agroforestry projects and policies, for instance by:


  1. Supporting knowledge transfer between in-migrants and local knowledge holders.
  2. Supporting incentives to invest in long and short-term agroforestry practices that are culturally,gender and migrant sensitive.
  3. Creating support for agroforestry investments through remittances and rural credit systems.
  4. Creating incentives for land-tenure insecure in-migrating households to invest in agroforestry practices.
  5. Supporting in-migrant’s access to markets for agroforestry produce.
Link to the Policy Brief – Agroforestry and Migration