Developing landscapes – A conceptual proposal for an Agroforestry Training Centre in Musoma, Tanzania based on a field study

Published on January 1, 2009 | Author: Sanna Ahrens, Tove Falk

In this thesis we propose a conceptual plan for the development of an Agroforestry Training Centre (ATC) in Musoma, Tanzania. The aim is to make a proposal that can support peasant education in agroforestry. How can an ATC in Musoma be developed into a stimulating and educational park suitable for teaching agroforestry methods to peasant farmers and other potential users? To answer that a field study was conducted to investigated how our client and the target groups of the client can benefit from the site.

The thesis begins with a short explanation of the context, in which the ATC plays a part followed by a methodology chapter. Next are three chapters presented which introduce the reader to the research conducted before starting the proposal, these include: results of literature studies, study of precedents, and results of field study. The reader is introduced to subjects and results of importance to the proposal: agroforestry, participation and spatial structures.

The results of the field study include how peasant farmers can gain from an ATC, the aim of Vi for the ATC, and our own site analysis. Our conclusions of the results of the field study, the precedents, and theory, which are the base for the proposal, are that the ATC is inaccessible and difficult to comprehend, it lacks excitement, and it expresses its uniqueness weakly.

Based on the conclusions, a conceptual design proposal was carried out where new spatial landscape structures for the ATC have been developed. Strategies for what is important to emphasise are put forward and explained in diagrams. Two places of interest are presented in depth: the entrance area and the homestead area. In these two areas examples are given on how the strategies can be interpreted.

Finally comes a reflection where we note what we have learnt and how it can benefit others. It includes possible bias like the involvement of Vi in our work which for example has affected who has participated in interviews and workshops. We also reflect on our work; that it can be taken to a more detailed level, and the possibility to set our work in a larger scale by examining other outdoor centres for education around the world.

This project has been conducted within the framework of a Minor Field Study, funded by SIDA.The work of this thesis focus on the process, the field study is presented in more depth in another report.

Ahrens, S. & Falk, T. (2009). Developing landscapes – A conceptual proposal for an Agroforestry Training Centre in Musoma, Tanzania based on a field study. Master’s Thesis. Department of Urban and Rural Studies. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU).

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