Fruits of Knowledge – A case study of marketing strategies for small-scale mango farmers in the Nyanza Province, Kenya

Published on June 22, 2011 | Author: Fennia Carlander, Karin Lothigius

This report is focused on marketing opportunities for small-scale mango farmers in the Nyanza Province in Kenya. Kenya is a large horticultural producer in the world. Horticulture is an important income for a large share of the rural population in Kenya but profitability is low due to inefficiencies in marketing systems and poor infrastructure. The conditions for growing mango in the Nyanza Province are very beneficial and there are two harvesting seasons. Mango offers good income opportunities for small-scale farmers in the Nyanza Province.

The aim of this study is to identify marketing conditions that will enable prospering business for small-scale mango farmers in the Nyanza Province, Kenya. The method for answering the research questions was to conduct a case study in Kenya. The data collection consisted of interviews with small-scale mango farmers, Field Officers at the Vi Agroforestry, and experts at organizations involved in the topic. This case study is based on a literature review of marketing strategies for mango production in Kenya and it focuses on the farmers‟ opportunities. The analysis in this report aims to make use of existing theories in structuring empirical facts to better understand a complex phenomenon and the chosen theories in this case are marketing strategy in an institutional context combined with theories about cooperatives.

Key results from the interviews are that mango production is a profitable business and all respondents were positive towards growing mango, even though there are many challenges. The main conclusion of this study is that the most suitable marketing strategy for the small- scale farmers in Nyanza is to collaborate with each other and different organizations. Collaborations bring many advantages for the farmers such as gathering of financial resources, knowledge, and information, stronger bargain power, access to larger markets, and increased profits. Mango production in the Nyanza Province holds great potential both for the local and the global market. Although, the development is at an early stage and the focus today should be to increase the production and establish working partnerships to be competitive in the long run.

Carlander, F. & Lothigius, K. (2011). Fruits of Knowledge – A case study of marketing strategies for small-scale mango farmers in the Nyanza Province, Kenya. Master’s Thesis. Department of Economics. Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Uppsala.

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