Seven reasons to invest in agroforestry in Ukraine

Published on April 26, 2024 | Author: Agroforestry Network
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Agroforestry is a multifunctional land-use system that integrates woody vegetation with crops and animal production, which can improve the resilience of yields and livelihoods and contribute significantly to environmental sustainability. This policy brief has been compiled by Agroforestry Network and its partner organizations in solidarity with Ukraine. It highlights seven reasons to invest in agroforestry for post-war recovery, green transition and integration of Ukraine into the European Union.
A range of current needs and recommendations across development perspectives, research, legislative, and networking/dialogue, are also presented to support the expansion of agroforestry – both to strengthen resilience in this time of war, but also long term, to mitigate and adapt to the climate and biodiversity crises. Ukrainian actors from different sectors have been involved, and also suggested ideas for potential bilateral collaboration as well as contact details (the appendix) to actors in the sector of agroforestry in Ukraine and Sweden.