(Still) a burning issue: Fuel-efficient stove use in rural Kenya

Published on April 1, 2009 | Author: Allison Patricia Gratz

Could a stove hold a meaning beyond merely being a tool to cook with? This thesis investigates the knowledge and perceptions of rural residents concerning raw-biomass stoves in Trans Nzoia district, Kenya. The research aimed to identify factors that influenced the use of fuel-efficient stoves in that area. Qualitative data from rural residents, Ministry of Agriculture staff and local administrators were gathered using semi-structured interview techniques and participant observation.


Research findings underscored the importance of identifying practical and strategic needs of technology users and the role of local innovation in addressing those needs. There were differences in knowledge and exposure to fuel-efficient stoves depending on the ethnic heterogeneity of an area, age and sex of participants. A conceptual framework developed in the course of this study highlights the importance of culture, exposure, personal factors, and stove characteristics to develop ones capacity to use a new stove.


Gratz, A.P. (2009). (Still) a burning issue: Fuel-efficient stove use in rural Kenya. Master’s Thesis. Faculty of Graduate Studies. University of Guelph. http://phdtree.org/pdf/25469480-still-a-burning-issue-fuel-efficient-stove-use-in-rural-kenya/

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