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Life within Planetary Boundaries – Report from movie screening

Published on March 22, 2020 | Author: Linus Karlsson
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How can we meet our needs while restoring degraded ecosystems? This question is assessed in the film Life within Planetary Boundaries, screened at Tellus cinema in Stockholm on 10th March.

Life within Planetary Boundaries is created by Maja Lindström and follows some of the most successful agroforestry pioneers in Sweden and Europe. They tell the story of how food-producing system could help to restore ecosystems, improve food security, create new jobs and improve quality of life.

– I’ve realised that we need to encourage a large variety of annual and perennial crops, by changing our eating behaviour and agricultural practices. The dominance of resource intensive crops, such as grains and oil-bearing plants, must be reduced. A first step could be to introduce perennial grains and local varieties together with new crop species, says Maja Lindstöm.

Did you miss the screening? Watch the film here.

The screening was followed by a discussion about agroforestry in Sweden and abroad. Vi Agroforesty and The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, both partners in Agroforestry Network, guided the discussion together with Maja Lindström and the enthusiastic audience. The interest for sustainable solutions for food production was substantial, both in the local and global context.

The screening was made in collaboration with Agroforestry Network and Tellus cinema.

Featured photo: Malin Gustafsson from Agroforestry Network discussing with Maja Lindström, the creator of Life within Planetary Boundaries.